2 persons survive from Pakistan plane crash


Only two survivors were confirmed as at Frin the crashed Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) passenger plane flying from Lahore but which crashed into a residential area of Karachi.

The pilots of flight PK8303, an Airbus A320 carrying 91 passengers and eight crew, were attempting to land at the city’s Jinnah International Airport when they encountered hitches.

The plane had attempted one landing but as it went round again lost its engines and issued a mayday call.

At least two passengers are confirmed to have survived the crash.

One of the survivor, Muhammad Zubair, said there were 10-15 minutes between the first attempt at landing and the crash.

“No-one was aware that the plane was about to crash; they were flying the plane in a smooth manner,” he said.

Investigators will try to retrieve the so-called black box recorders to help determine the cause. A committee of investigation has already been set up.

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