2-year old Child sexually abused while in COVID isolation ward in South Africa


Reports claim that a child has been sexually abused while in isolation at the Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital in Pretoria.

The toddler’s aunt, who remains anonymous to protect the identity of the child, said that the girl who is only Two-years old, was admitted to hospital after developing symptoms of Covid-19 and needed to be placed on an isolation ward without her family, but was discharged the following day after the child tested negative for Covid-19.’ 

The aunt said that after the child had been picked up from the hospital, she appeared to be struggling to walk. But when the mother was changing the nappy, she discovered some white fluid on her private parts. 

When the mother closely inspected her child she could see that there had been ‘penetration’, and the girl was taken back to the hospital where a nurse said there was an indication that the child had been raped.  

While the Provincial police spokesperson Brigadier Mathapelo Peters confirmed that a rape case has been opened, the hospital is also conducting a private investigation into the incident. 

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