Brenton Tarrant pleads guilty to 51 murders in Christchurch shootings


A man accused of heart wrenching deadly attacks on mosques in Christchurch New Zealand has pleaded guilty to 51 charges of murder.

29-year old Brenton Tarrant, who committed the atrocity on 15 March 2019, also admitted to the attempted murder of another 40 people, and one terrorism charge.

He had previously denied the charges and was due to go on trial in June, but the coronavirus outbreak led to an accelerated court hearing.

The gun attacks at two mosques sent shockwaves around the world; even prompting New Zealand to enforce stricter gun laws a buy-back clause for citizens to turn their guns in for a price.

No members of the public were allowed into the hearing and Tarrant, from New South Wales, Australia, and his lawyers appeared via video link.

Following his new guilty plea, his sentencing on the 92 charges will take place at a date yet to be set, while Tarrant will remain in custody until 1 May when the court hopes to be able to set a sentencing date.

Tarrant last year drove to the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch, entered the building and began shooting unprovoked.

Less than 30 seconds later, he returned to his car, picked up another weapon, then re-entered the mosque and resumed his attack.

Footage from a headcam which he broadcast on Facebook Live, showed him pass from room to room, killing as he went.

He hit the Linwood mosque later where he shot two people outside before Two police officers then chased and arrested him.

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