Ecuador lays out curfew as violent protest erupts


Ecuador’s president, Lenín Moreno, has ordered the capital, Quito, and surrounding areas to be placed under 24hour curfew with immediate effect, in a bid to curb violent protests.

The Protests began after the government announced an end to fuel subsidies. This was said to have been part of austerity measures agreed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in return for a loan.

Mr Moreno had earlier argued that the fuel subsidies, introduced in the 1970s with an annual cost of $1.3bn, were no longer affordable.

In civil disobedience, protesters began demanding the return of fuel subsidies, while Some have called for the resignation of the president.

A demonstrator clashes with riot police during a transport strike against the economic policies,in Quito, on October 7,2019.

It is not clear if demonstrators will observe the curfew order, as more than 700 people have been arrested throughout the country since the protest began less than a week ago.

Shops, factories and schools in the capital city of Quito have remained closed, just as the Red Cross also announced it would suspend operations and assistance in the city because it could no ensure the security of its staffers.

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