Harvey Weinstein to cough out $19 Million to settle Victims


A team of about 9 women in the entertainment industry who sued embattled media mogul Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment, sexual abuse and rape, have announced that they have reached an $18.875 million settlement with the disgraced media mogul.

The listed Plaintiffs include: Louisette Geiss, Sarah Ann Thomas, Melissa Thompson, Melissa Sagemiller, Nannette May, Katherine Kendall, Caitlin Dulany, Larissa Gomes and a Jill Doe

The Weinstein Accusers

Also, women who experienced a hostile work environment, sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination while working at The Weinstein Company are entitled to receive restitution.

The Weinstein Company Holdings confirmed the out of court settlement, but will still need approval by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, for a victims’ fund to be created where such women can make claims for damages in a confidential and non-adversarial process.

Weinstein is serving 23 years in prison and assigned to a maximum-security prison in Alden, New York.

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