Lady nabbed after stealing a hotel’s plasma TV in Delta (photos)


A lady was apprehended and paraded in Delta State for stealing a Plasma TV from Kevleyn Hotel, just to use it as collateral for a five thousand Naira loan.

Laurenta, and her boyfriend lodged in the hotel for one week, and had earned the trusts of the hotel staff, which was why the receptionist didn’t stop her when she left the building with a big sack bag (which had the TV in it), claiming her boyfriend was still going to stay as little longer even after she had left.

Lady nabbed after stealing a hotel's plasma TV in Delta (photos)

Her boyfriend also allegedly stole some towels, an umbrella and the key, and left 3 hours after her “to go buy something’.

Laurenta was found at her sister’s house, where she revealed she had made a collateral for a 5knloan with the TV.

The TV has now been retrieved and has since been returned to the hotel.

One thought on “Lady nabbed after stealing a hotel’s plasma TV in Delta (photos)

  1. Uwandu prosper

    This is horrible. Robbing peter to pay paul. How could you abuse the trust of the hotel staff by stealing their property just to use as a collateral for #5000. It is disheartening.


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