Mimi Ubini Narrates How A Pastor Wanted To Sleep With Her In Exchange For A Reference Letter


Nigerian Entreprenuer, Mimi Ubini has taken to her social media to shared an experience she had with a pastor when she was in need of a reference letter to get cleared after she gained admission into the University of Lagos.

Read her lengthy post below;

I stared at the letter on his desk, I want this, I must have this letter, it means a lot to me.
Come na Misan, he said.

I slowly walked up to him for the sucking…sir please suck it fast I said as I muttered as I walked up to him…I got closed to the other end of the desk, I snatched the letter from his desk, head for the door I swear all this happened so fast you have no idea, I headed for the door and ran as fast as my legs could carry, all I was hearing was Misan come back here! Misan I’ll tell unilag I didn’t approve that letter, Misan come back here!! I ran with that letter, I kept running and that was the end of my sister in the lord brouhaha

So wat do you think? Did I do bad for snatching and running with letter? Should I have handled differently?

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