Nigeria’s Coronavirus numbers may be more, as only few are tested


There may be an underreporting in the number of positive cases of coronavirus in Nigeria.

While the West African nation still grapples with a daily rising number, currently put at 51, investigations have shown that the low number is not because the country has been lucky or particularly effective with preventing the spread of the disease, but more likely because local authorities are simply not testing enough people.

South Africa is currently with the highest numbers of cases in the continent at 709, because it has tested over 15,000 people, but latest available report by Nigeria’s Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) shows the country had tested only 152 people as of March 22.

The slow pace of Nigeria’s tests is largely down to a lack of capacity on a very large scale and fewer testing kits.

Hopefully, the consignment of kits donated by Alibaba Founder, Jack Ma may help address some of these situation and show the true picture of things.

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