Reddit and Twitch ban groups that support Donald Trump on their platforms


Looks like US President, Donald Trump will not be winning any battles to control social media, as two famous platforms have shutdown pages with ties to him.

Weeks after it was a clash with Twitter, another popular website, Reddit announced that it is shutting down The_Donald , a nearly 800,000 user forum dedicated to President Trump’s most ardent fans, on its platform saying the group repeatedly violated its rules against harassment, hate speech and content manipulation.

Trump himself has been known to share content from the forum ascribing an affinity to their modus operandi which includes conspiracy theories and sharp attacks on Trump’s critics.

However, another social media platform, Twitch, also temporarily banned the Trump campaign page launched last October meant for broadcasting rallies and campaign events. 

Twitch said the Trump account was banned for “hateful conduct” that was aired on stream, one of which was a rebroadcast of Trump’s commentary where he said that Mexico was sending rapists to the United States. Twitch also flagged racist comments at Trump’s recent rally in Tulsa.

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