Suspect Arrested for gruesome murder of Gokada C.E.O. Fahim Saleh


Detectives in New York City have arrested the personal assistant of Fahim Saleh, a young tech entrepreneur found decapitated and dismembered in his Manhattan apartment.

His Personal Assistant, identified as 21-year old Tyrese Devon Haspil, was today taken into custody and will be charged for Saleh’s murder.

The 33 year old Saleh, who was the founder of Gokada, a motor-cycle-ride sharing app company operating in Nigeria, was discovered dead on Tuesday afternoon by his sister inside his apartment in a luxury building on the Lower East Side, the police said.

Detectives believed that the motive for the killing was after Mr Saleh discovered that the assistant had stolen some money from him. But rather than report the man, he set up a repayment plan for the suspect to return the money.

The killer was traced after he used Saleh’s credit card to pay for a car to a Home Depot, on West 23rd Street in Manhattan, to buy cleaning supplies to sanitize the crime scene, once he had dismembered the body.

Security video taken from inside the elevator to Saleh’s apartment also shows the killer later using a battery-operated portable vacuum cleaner in an apparent effort to remove any traces of his presence.

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One thought on “Suspect Arrested for gruesome murder of Gokada C.E.O. Fahim Saleh

  1. Ewere kome

    You stole from him and opted to silence him by robbing him of his life this is pure wickedness.I hope an appropriate punishment be served.


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