US consul-general seeks improved partnership with Lagos


The new Consul-General of the United States Consulate in Lagos, Ms. Claire Pierangelo, has said organization between the office and the state government is basic to the accomplishment of the US mission in Nigeria.

Pierangelo, who expected office on May 29, that day the Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu-adminsitration was initiated, talked on Wednesday when she paid a politeness visit to the representative at the state secretariat, Ikeja.

The target of the visit, the US negotiator stated, was to fortify the department’s working association with the state government. An announcement said the visit was Pierangelo’s first official approach any Nigerian open official since she touched base in Nigeria.

The new emissary succeeded Mr. John F. Whinny as diplomat general.

“I am here today on a visit to a companion of the US government and our key improvement accomplice in Africa. We have had great working relationship and we accept this could be additionally fortified for more noteworthy effects on regions of joint efforts. She additionally looked for the help of the legislature in the movement of the department to another site on the Victoria Island, including that it would take into account increasingly respective commitment.

Sanwo-Olu, in his reaction, said Lagos and the US department shared a long history of commonly valuable joint efforts.

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