Warning against improper use of nose masks and gloves


While it had become a trend to see many wearing gloves and facemasks out and about, sometimes these supposed preventive items, may be doing more harm than good.

Medical experts had advocated more of regular hand washing and social distancing, because most people using face masks and gloves do not need at all or are not using properly…Only those that are sick or the health care workers seeing a sick person.

You see people wearing gloves, the same glove they use in touching their phones and to touch other surfaces, leaving a possible droplet for someone else to pickups.

Some reuse facemask; some improperly dispose of used gloves, allowing it to rest on items before they are thrown out. Some even leave their arms and chest exposed while wearing gloves and a facemask, when the disease could be transmitted airborne when an infected person coughs around uninfected people.

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