We’ll Defend Ourselves With Pepper Spray -Association Of Prostitutes in Rivers State


Some commercial sex workers in Port Harcourt have decided to get pepper spray to ward off attackers.

The sex workers explained that since they were not ready to leave their trade, they were also not prepared to be victims of serial killers, who had been on the prowl in the state since July this year.

When asked why the news of serial killers on the prowl had not stopped them from the trade, one of prostitute identified as Stacy, responded that she and some of her colleague had decided to get Pepper Spray to attack any man that would come after their lives in hotel rooms.

She said: “I have been in this trade for a long time and when we began to hear about the killings of girls in hotels, some of us agreed to be moving with pepper spray. We will apply the pepper spray on them if they come to kill us,”

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